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Orientation Reports Portal

The Orientation Reports Portal is in place to assist university staff with orientation planning. Please note, this information is for internal (University of Tennessee) use only. If you have reached this page in error, please visit or visit for more information from the Office of Orientation and Transition.

The information below is designed to give UT staff more information on various sessions on campus each day. See below for a summary of internal session numbers.

2015-2016 Orientation Sessions

Find a complete list of orientation sessions for summer and fall entry here.

November 20: 50 (Transfer, spring entry)
January 8: 55 (Transfer, non-residential spring entry)
January 11: 56 (Transfer, residential and non-residential spring entry); 57 (First-Year, residential and non-residential spring entry)
April 15: 43 (Transfer, summer entry); 21 (Transfer, fall entry)
June 1: 25 (Transfer, fall entry); 41 (Transfer, summer entry); 40 (First-Year, summer entry)
June 2-3: 1 (First-Year, fall entry); 31(First-Year, fall entry, HONORS);
June 6-7: 2 (First-year, fall entry); 32 (First-Year, fall entry, HONORS)
June 9-10: 3 (First-year, fall entry); 33 (First-Year, fall entry, HONORS)
June 13-14: 4 (First-year, fall entry)
June 15-16: 5 (First-year, fall entry)
June 16-17: 22 (Transfer, fall entry, Overnight)
June 17:  23 (Transfer, fall entry); 44 (Transfer, summer entry)
June 20-21: 6 (First-year, fall entry)
June 23-24: 7 (First-year, fall entry)
June 27-28: 8 (First-year, fall entry)
June 29-30: 9 (First-year, fall entry); 47 (First-year, summer entry); 70 (Bridge, fall entry); 72 (Bridge, summer entry)
July 5-6: 71 (Bridge, summer entry), 73
July 6: 24 (Transfer, fall entry); 45 (Transfer, summer entry); 46 (First-year, summer entry)
July 7-8: 10 (First-year, fall entry)
July 11-12: 11 (First-Year; fall entry)
July 14-15: 12 (First-Year, fall entry)
July 18-19: 13 (First-Year, fall entry)
August 10: 80 (Transfer, fall entry)
August 11: 81 (First-year, fall entry)

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